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Benefits of Stretching

Remember to always stretch. Whether it be at home, after cleaning or yard work, or after any exercise or physical activity. Below are the benefits:

1. Increases efficiency and performance
2. Decreased risk of injury
3. Increased blood supply & nutrients to joint structures, improves circulation and nutrient transport
4. Creates greater freedom of movement and decelerates joint degeneration processes
5. Increased neuromuscular coordination (nerve impulse velocity is enhanced)
6. Improves muscular balance & posture awareness. Helps realign soft tissue structures and reduces effort to achieve and maintain good posture
7. Decreased risk of low-back pain - lumbo-pelvic flexibility involves hamstring, hip flexors and muscles attached to the pelvis. This reduces stress to lumbar spine
8. Reduces muscular tension - promotes muscular relaxation
9. Relaxes body and mind and feels great!

***Special Thanks to Nellen/Jones PR. for photos