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Working with a Personal Trainer

It is the novice exerciser who may find a personal trainer most valuable. Working with a personal trainer for a few sessions is often all it takes for some people to feel comfortable with independent exercise. The following describes the most common services offered to those beginning an exercise program:  

1. Fitness evaluation. This is a series of tests designed to assess cardiovascular fitness, body-fat percentage, flexibility and muscular strength and Image:Personal trainer monitoring a client's movement during a fitball exercise.JPGendurance.

2. Personalized exercise program. An individualized exercise program is designed based on the individual’s fitness evaluation results and personal fitness and health goals.

3. Supervised exercise. Personal attention during exercise is the primary function of personal trainers. Clients are given a detailed orientation that addresses the aerobic, strength and flexibility components of the exercise program, and are educated about the fundamentals of strength and aerobic training, as well as the proper and safe use of equipment.

        ***Special Thanks to Nellen/Jones PR. for photos